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can help optimize your medications

The Aura Genetics Pharmacogenomic (PGx) Test

Do you have any patients that are not responding to medications as expected?  An Aura Genetics Pharmacogenomic (PGx) test could help! While popular nearly ten years ago, PGx tests were too expensive and took too long to receive results. Today, Aura Genetics is making PGx testing an affordable tool to help save time, decrease healthcare costs and achieve better patient outcomes.

Medication Metabolism

99% of people have genetic variants that impact how their bodies respond to certain medications. Less than 50% of individuals with depression respond to their first medication and about 28% of individuals do not respond to Plavix as expected just to name a few examples (1). Collected via a simple cheek swab, results can help you understand which medications may work best for your individual patients based on their unique genetics.

1 Ji Y, et al. J Mol Diagn. 2016 May; 18(3): 438-445

How it works

Personalized approach that enables the right drug and dosage to be prescribed based on your genetics



Adverse drug events are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States; more than half are caused by properly prescribed medications2,3

Adding Precision to Personalized Medicine

Medications and their recommended dosages are designed to treat the “average” person. However, different people can have different responses to the same dose and medication. PGx testing can assist in determining if a particular medication will be appropriate, safe and effective for your patient or potentially cause harmful side effects.

We make it easy

Aura Genetics PGx tests are unique in that ordering as well as interpreting results are both centered around the medications, and require little to no understanding of genetics.

Our comprehensive test analyzes 28 genes and reports on over 120 medications. There are 8 different classes of medications including pain, psych, cardio, oncology, gastro, and more. All formatted in an easy to read report.


Trusted Resources

Our PGx test algorithm uses data from the following respected consortiums: Coriell Life Sciences, Clinical Pharmacogenetics Consortium (CPIC), Pharmacogene Variation Consortium and FDA Guidelines.

The genes analyzed in this test do not change, therefore the Drug-Gene Interaction results will be as valuable in the future as they are today. As medications are changed, added, or modified, can you can continually interpret your patients test results for a drugs relationship to their genetic makeup.

DNA momentum

An ever increasing number of people are excited to learn more about themselves through DNA tests. It may only be a matter of time before a patient of yours excitedly brings you their a result. Now is the right time to let Aura Genetics show you how easy it is to let our Pharmacogenomics (PGx) test save you valuable time, decrease healthcare costs and improve your patients outcomes.



can help optimize your facility

Using a person’s DNA to better optimize the selection, and dosing of medications can be invaluable where gradual dose reduction and medication therapy management are important and when used as a Quality Improvement Project in a Long Term Care/Assisted living facility.

Optimizing medications based on a specific patients DNA will often help

– Decrease risk for adverse drug reactions

– Decrease hospital readmissions

– Decrease risk of falls

– Decrease medication costs and use of health care resources

– Improved cognitive skills

– Improve facility Quality Measures/Star Rating

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facility can benefit from Aura Genetics PGx testing!