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Why Our Lab

We offer cutting-edge DNA/RNA sequencing services with industry leading turnaround times. Aura Genetics provides clinicians and patients informed and actionable diagnostic results, adding precision to personalized health care and improving outcomes. With easy to use patient and provider portals, we remove the paper requisition form and streamline collection workflows.

Our Mission and Vision

We will leverage the latest developments in clinical diagnostic technology paired with unprecedented automation to become a leader in the molecular diagnostics sector. By offering cutting edge services with industry-leading turnaround times, Aura Genetics will provide clinicians and patients information and actionable diagnostic results to help shape personalized health care and improve outcomes.


Our vision is to become a leader in cost effective, automated molecular diagnostic testing. in doing so, Aura will expand the availability of these tests to a much broader percentage of the global population.

Our Team

Our team and extensive automation and robotics provide the most accurate chain of custody, the most efficient sample processing, quicker times to results, and lower cost per test.