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How likely is it that my test may show something?
Over 90% of people have genetic variants that impact how their bodies respond to certain medications (1). Nearly all tests return with information that could be useful to you, your physician, or pharmacist either currently or in the future.

Do I need a healthcare provider to order this test?
Yes, you need a healthcare provider who is licensed and able to write a prescription (e.g. MD, DO, NP, PA) to complete the test order. Individuals should not change their health behaviors solely on the basis of information obtained from this test. Any decision about medication(s) and healthcare should be made in consultation with a qualified healthcare professional.

If my report indicates that any of the genes tested are ‘Ultra Rapid Metabolizer, Poor Metabolizer, etc, does that indicate something is ‘wrong’ with the gene?
Absolutely not. These and other standard industry terms may appear on your results to simply describe the rate of metabolism or other function for that gene. Much like ‘Tall’ or ‘Short’ are terms used to describe an individual and do not indicate anything ‘wrong’ with the individual.

What resources does Aura Genetics utilize when reporting in order to establish clinical significance?
Our PGx test algorithm uses data from the following respected consortiums: Coriell Life Sciences, Clinical Pharmacogenetis Implementation Consortium (CPIC),, Pharmacogene Variation Consortium and FDA Guidelines.

1 Ji Y, et al. J Mol Diagn. 2016 May; 18(3): 438-445