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Clinical Research Organizations (CRO)

Optimize Your Clinical Trials

  • Targeted Patient Recruitment

  • Accelerated Time-Lines

  • Enhanced Safety and Efficacy

  • Precision Drug Development

  • Stratified Treatment Approach

  • Real-World Data Generation

Aura Genetics is a CAP accredited, CLIA high complexity certified laboratory with a high degree of automation. Our laboratory can partner with pharmaceutical companies to perform pre-trial Pharmacogenomic testing to provide inclusion and exclusion testing for a cohort.

This including and exclusion testing can assist with the pharmaceutical partner in determining whether the medication is working, or the patient is not metabolizing the medication.

No matter the size of the clinical trial, we are confident that we can turn your samples around and provide not only gene drug interaction but also drug-drug interaction for other medications the patients may be taking. Whether you’re in a phase 1, 2, 3 or 4 clinical trial, having the information on the patients drug metabolism can provide value. This real word data generation can save time in the trial and equates to savings for the pharmaceutical company.

Currently we offer a 28 gene, 120 snps (PCR based) test. We offer the following sample types for PGx testing: blood, saliva, and oral swabs. Utilizing a 100% automated process, ensures chain of custody and provides extremely fast turnaround for results. Our comprehensive report includes reporting from Coriell Life Sciences and includes data based off PharmGKB and CPIC.

Aura Genetics has removed the burden from the testing process off the pharmaceutical company. We can manage fulfilment and ship collection kits directly to patients for them to self-collect and return the swab directly to the laboratory. We also have NGS capabilities if other testing is required.

For more information, please fill out the contact us form and we will have someone reach out to discuss.