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COVID-19 Testing 

Aura Genetics is doing it’s part to support the fight against the novel coronavirus COVID-19.  Our rt-PCR COVID-19 test is an accurate (99%) and reliable test for diagnosing COVID-19.  Supported by extensive automation, the Aura Genetics Team can result in less than 24 hours from sample being received at the lab. Sample collection – Nose swab or Saliva


Who should get tested?

  1. If you have symptoms of Covid-19 (view CDC Covid symptoms list),
  2. Have been exposed to someone who tested positive for Covid-19 or
  3. Need a negative Covid-19 test result for travel.

What to expect:

Before You Arrive

-Pre-registering in our Patient Portal

-Make sure you receive your confirmation email.  Testing cannot be performed without the code provided in the confirmation email.

-Check the weather. Be aware sites my close due to extreme weather.

-Check our website for any updates for site closures. At the Testing Site

-Have your Drivers License, Insurance Card/Info and Confirmation Number (emailed from our portal) ready

-Wear a mask

-If a child under the age of 5 needs testing, an adult guardian will be responsible for administering the swab or assisting with the saliva collection

-How the sample collection process works; Nasal Swab or Saliva

After Your Test 

-Results are normally available in less than 24 hours

-An rt-PCR test for COVID-19 is an accurate (99%) and reliable test for diagnosing COVID-19. A positive test means you likely have COVID-19. A negative test means you probably did not have COVID-19 at the time of the test.



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